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Hi Laura ---- guess I would term most/much of the items you mention as recognition rather than benefits. Maybe I'm just stodgy but benefits to me are the typical old stuff like medical, life, retirement, etc.

I agree that companies are looking at creative ways to recognize people and that is good. Money is not a motivator ---- remember Hertzberg!!!

Lame tangibles - I love it! I'm going to have to start using that -- recommend you TM it while can. My favorite lame tangible is the lapel pin. What percentage of people even wear suits to work anymore?

Jacque - Nothing stodgy about recognition! And you're right that most of these are recognition-related. By 'creative benefits' I meant things like financial planning advice, health programs or having a concierge service pick up your dry cleaning or assemble your IKEA furniture (we can arm wrestle about that last one).

Derek - I actually felt guilty about that one. Somewhere out there is a monogrammed tie pin company whose livelihood depends on companies giving tie pins to their employees.

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