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What a great post! You make great sense! Thank you!

Thanks Mark. It would be great if the post got people talking -- I'd love to see some more progress, a clearer commitment to compensation communications. Better for employees, better for managers and great for the bottom line!

Compensation IS like sex. It's primal. It's really not about market data and regressionn lines. It's about tribes and power and "pecking orders". "Fairness" trumps a compa ratio every time!!

Thanks Chris. The thing is, I think we avoid talking about it because of all those really dicey "people" issues that you have identified.

As a result, we don't treat the real purpose of compensation -- engagement, planning, development, recognition, reward -- as business process issues that that should be part of our everyday work. Instead, we ration our attention to them, fearing the issues that you bring up will get out of hand.

Research indicates that making communications on theses issues part of everyday work increases business results. After all, clarity helps people perform better. The benefits of compensation communications are right in front of our eyes but we are sticking with the primal reactions! Yikes!

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