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One of the biggest issues in comp, expressed lucidly. Excellent article.

Good thoughts. Will make two points:

1. Almost every second-class internal candidate considered "not ready" for promotion turns out just fine when circumstances conspire to "force" management to throw them into the higher job. Those not so lucky to be given the "temporary assignment" where they prove their actual competence for the promotion end up becoming the outsiders recruited into your rival enterprises over their devalued internal talent. Few are seen as prophets in their own land. "What could THEY know? They work here. And we've seen them make a mistake at least once."

2. Agree on the silliness of making performance management a once a year ceremorial flurry of focused activity. Just like sales and product/service development, it should only be done at one focal time point annually, right? Not! If the management and development of people is important, it should be done constantly and continually. The budget funding should follow the human capital needs rather than restrict your potential to fit your pre-determined spending plan.

I could not agree more with the above article. Once an internal promote myself, I stayed in my new management position for a year and a half without so much as an official review. I continued to take on more responsibilities and eventually became much more valuable than my salary indicated. I was recruited by a new company with an offer of 5k more than I was making, plus bonus. When I gave my notice, my director offered me a promotion and 11k, but I still went with the other job. A lack of recognition, being under appreciated, and a huge amount of resentment definitely go a long way.

Jim: Yes, there's a lot of myopia out there when it comes to one's own employees. What's up with that?

Dana: That's a perfect illustration. Good for you sticking to your guns!

Thank you, Sanej. I'm glad it struck a chord.

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