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Dan - another great post and analogy... more possible lessons from P90x:
-make it easy to access (home, ipad, travel, etc)
-builds a habit (a religion really)
-Measure BEFORE and AFTER... (insert the bloated picture vs. the lean picture) your organization without aligned goals and performance management - vs -your organization properly aligned, focused and managing performance.

@Jeff: Thanks for the comments!

Great additions to the lessons we can learn from P90X. You have provided 7-9. We just need one more for a great "top 10".

Might be an interesting webcast topic!

The best training materials all share common characteristics. The more types of training you undergo, the more you will learn about the underlying commonalities, ranging from the dawn of history and encompassing the Bible, Homer, Sun Tzu, Clausewitz and all others rolled up into the best and brightest new schemes from ASTD.

Need a few more? Add "Pre and Post testing" (as Jeff already suggested), "redefine" (erase the old self-image and replace it with a new identity... can't remember what you call that process besides "break 'em down and rebuild them up"), "develop tradition" and "celebrate success" are a few additional classic elements that immediately come to mind. Might be a lot more than ten, though. Each learning environment tends to focus on the same central methods, but most skip a few of the standards.

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