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Is the other paired cooperative teamwork job "spouse?"

Also, I think you mean "disproportionately," and not the "disproportunately" that's in the text. :)

Love this line.

"The secretary is a force-multiplier who leverages the effectiveness of the boss"

This is really why they are paid differently. It is a unique type of meritocracy, where tenure and explicit skill set fall behind the ability to make someone else better.

Paul: Being a good spouse does indeed require teamwork but I consider that role a privileged life status rather than a "job." You are right about my fumble-fingered misspelling which I will trust Ann to correct.

Dan: Yes, the job requires an enabler or catalyst. Unfortunately, our language does not have a good word to clearly capture that relationship, which says a lot about our work culture.

Hmmn... just one? Waiters and waitresses earn more in expensive restaurants, although part of that is tips. But I bet Brad and Angelina's nannies earn more than my colleague's nanny. No, that's not it because it isn't really 'cooperative'. What about personal stylists? Oh, I give up!

Assistant Machine-Gunner or loader (in other applications) is roughly comparable. They serve to maximize the boss's ability to fulfill the mission. The assistant similarly eases the work and handles the details so the "boss" an concentrate on the target. Bet some executives wished they had that equipment to deal with their opposition, too.

Thought someone might suggest Missile Control Officer, but that is a tandem job of two equals without the supervisor-subordinate relationship implicit for secretaries and assistants.

Well, I was close ;-)

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