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Well said, Dan. Can't remind people too often that motivations are complex and myriad and there is a limit to what folks will do for money. Price and value are different concepts. There is no good price for a bad job, for example, and many will take a cut in pay to do work they prefer... if not for you, maybe for a competitor.

Good stuff, Dan. You say you heard mumblings "recently". Maybe it's me, but there doesn't seem to be anything new here. You are touching stuff that's timeless and universal.

Long ago, I bought the concept that placing demands gets you the minimum required. In that sense, we are living the dream in today's demanding world. Thank goodness we can have fun doing it.

Sometimes it's best to hear the truth from a 'thoughtful neighborhood (e.g. third-party) compensation consultant.'

I'll be sharing this with a few friends...thanks for the insight!

@Greg: I agree that this issue has perhaps always been around. In our current environment it seem as if it is becoming more noticeable.

@Shawn: Thanks for the comment. I am glad you found the article useful and wish the best on making the required changes.

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