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Give us time, Derek. In a few years, there will be virtual keyboards so pocket personal computers (read "The Mode in God's Eye", Niven & Pournelle, 1974... now free via Baen ebook) will have full functionality. Personalized pay programs will also become a reality, so people can choose their preferred combination of Total Rewards elements in an individualized package just like they currently control their customized benefit coverages, Paid Time Off banks and payroll deduction options. Tastes are unique. Compenation Cafe habitues should recognize that menus tend to vary, and many people enjoy cafeterias, too.

There is still a place for the Mark I pencil, however.

Brilliant: 'No company would consider for a second paying only one-tenth of their staff. Yet, many seem to think motivating 10% of employees is a perfectly reasonable strategy.'

(Although I have to add here that most companies would almost certainly consider it if they could figure out a way to get people to work for free. I'm just saying.)

You are correct indeed, Laura. I likely should have written, "no company can get away with..."

Jim, thank you for adding that. Personalized pay programs are truly in the near future. I think concerns about "fairness" have held us back, but we seem to be overcoming that communication challenge slowly but surely.

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