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Knowing you're valuable in the company totally lifts the spirit and motivates like no other. This is necessary.

When I presented a seminar topic called Surviving Office Politics, I used to teach that "anything of value not deliberately controlled by the employer will be arbitrarily controlled by some employee." Impossible to control everything, of course. The reality is that everything of value is a compensible item which can and should be appropriately applied in the remuneration scheme.

P.S. While we tend to agree on the abuses visited on the public by petty bureaucrats, there is another area where the two nations diverege in opinion. Maybe Derek, spanning two nations divided by their common language, can explain why “scheme” is seen as a pejorative term denoting a dishonest scam or devious plot in the U.S. while accepted as a neutral synonym for “programme” in the U.K.

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