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This is the most insane set of suggestions I have ever seen. You want companies to use common sense? You want compensation to reflect performance? You want employees to be treated like hard working business partners? You must be crazy....like a fox! Great summary of that many companies should read right now and then post on their office wall in poster-size.

Thanks, Dan. Perhaps I should have titled this "All I Want for Christmas..."

Reluctantly have to agree with Dan, Derek. You might as well say, "Do the Right Thing!" and it would have as much effect.

Barriers such as poor communications, faulty feedback, task interference and competing priorities have historically always been the greatest performance thwarters (see Pipe and Meager). Frightened leaders don't take confident steps. Greedy folks don't share the wealth. Might as well tell the clouds to stop raining.

Those who seek to interfere with the Established Order which is reassured, reinforced and rewarded by such shenanigans are swiftly sought out and punished. I can't do those things you suggest by myself. Those who do actually possess those powers are the very ones enriched by those offensive behaviors.

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