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Dan - you may have just invented the next reality TV show.... Comp Committee TV. Imagine the Comp Consultant with an earpiece getting data and info from a team of Analysts... every answer at his finger tips... and the Board members all in awe as this mighty and all knowing facilitator coaches them through their decisions!

A good analogy Dan....

Shades of "Broadcast News!" And here, for all those years, I thought TV commentators learned how to prepare from studying compensation professionals! Anyone who does NOT enter a meeting thus prepared has no business presenting, because they are likely to be skewered, disgraced and BBQd. The logical assumption that every detail will be challenged makes such preparation even more imperative in court testimony activities, especially from expert witnesses. Even at the average company level, your employer deserves that kind of information mastery by their compensation person. It should come with the territory.

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That was a really useful column. You combined two ideas I had not put together before – an NFL broadcast team, and a compensation group. Very thoughtful and productive analogy. Thank you.

Jeff: I wish every compensation pro could have that earpiece and backup team! Imagine how easy it would make things. Someone would still need to the research though.

While it is true that everyone should prepare like this, it is also true that many do not. Sometimes they lack the team. Sometimes they lack the motivation. Sometimes they know that others do not want to hear the truth of what they may have to say,

Thanks Charles. I am very glad that you found this useful. I hope others will watch football with a new perspective and try and take those lessons back into the office on Mondays

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