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Chuck --- I laughed and laughed at your description of your cats. My feelings exactly. My big orange tabby male is just exactly like Monk ---- the old TV show that shows repeats now. Monk is obsessive/compulsive.... makes sure the umbrellas hanging on the wall are all turned the same way, won't step on any cracks in the sidewalk, etc. My cat, Mango is the same way. If I mess up the "schedule" he follows me crying and pacing like I am messing up his whole day. I've never had a cat like that.

Yes, management is difficult to deal with when they won't take their blinders off. They are set in their ways. Maybe it's because they are usually men??? :-)

Ego stroking goes a long way maybe it's because they are men??? :-)

Good article. I'll stop before I get in trouble.

Jacque -

You pose an interesting question by placing the words "stubborn," "habitual" and "men" in the same sentence. I hadn't thought of it that way, just the mindset, but it's an intriguing angle to consider. That being said, I too will stop my ruminations and let others comment further .

Chuck - I loved this article but I couldn't help replacing "stubborn" with the word for the picture you used with this blog. The Forest Gump line comes to mind, too, "stupid is as stupid does." I hope you don't mind if I re-post this article as I feel many more need to see this. Thanks!

Beverly - I don't mind at all with your re-posting, and yes, I did do a bit of a tweak to Forest Gump's famous line.

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