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Great perspective.
Oddly enough the accomplishment listed are EXACTLY the kinds of things that HR, Comp and related professional must do to get a seat at the table. Instead of trying to get a seat at the table to so you can accomplishment great things, accomplish great things for your company and you will be invited to the table with open arms!

Some do things well; others do them poorly. Other groups are even now deeply involved in a pointless power-play discussion about whether finance/accounting or HR "owns" payroll. Who cares? That is not a vital function of a great enterpise but should nonetheless be done competently and well.

I'm still puzzled at IBM's long tradition of outsourcing all their software applications and even using third party vendors (they seem to switch every year) to purchase their strategic information databases. Guess they can ride the float that way, but it's annoying.

Dan - thanks. I like the reverse perspective.

Jim - "pointless power plays": isn't that the truth in so many different ways? Instead of engaging in power plays, true leaders simply look for ways to make a marked difference. Those are the people I most enjoy working with.

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