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This happens so often. Everything HR does should be approved and truly believed by the CEO/COO before HR takes something to employees . . . performance review rules, policies, etc.

CEO/COO should send out an email to all employees with the new/revised policy, etc. and stating that HR has their approval to implement. In this email to all employees --- the CEO/COO needs to say that if any employee has questions they need to talk to their manager. This email should be sent to all managers first so they know it is going to all employees. It should say should say it is their responsibility and NOT pass it off to HR to explain.

I have worked in environments like this before. If top management won't support you either don't design anything new or find another job. You can't fight city hall.

Yes, Jacque, corporate life can be tough. In the traditional organization, HR gets trampled by line managment but valiant attempts may be rewarded by generous bonuses. Many top execs find it easier to privately reinforce the brave HR type who tries than to stand up publicly to those who drop the ball and blame HR.

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