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Right on Derek! In one company I worked for it was always the same people that got recognized. They didn't even need a drumroll. You could see them walking down the aisle already to accept their award!

Wow, Jacque! If that's not an indicator of a program gone awry, I'm not sure what is!

I had a friend who worked at a place that had "cake day". It was a tradition that started with the celebration of individual birthdays and devolved into everyone stumbling in and out of the lunch room on the last Friday of the month to get a piece of cake.

It lost meaning and actually became a joke.

Stories like this are endless and so easy to avoid. Thanks for the article.

Haha! I never thought of it this way. Very interesting, tho! Thank you.

Valentine's Day is fun, and it doesn't hurt to be reminded to do something nice. If candy makers and card manufacturers make a profit-good for them and good for their employees. As for the "gifts that hurt your feelings," lighten up and enjoy the irony! Presumably you are recognized by being paid on a regular basis.

Wow, Sandy. I and several colleagues have written about the perception that "a paycheck is thanks enough." I disagree.

We all need to hear "thank you" - in our work lives and in our personal lives. A bit of sincere appreciation and praise goes a long way - and it has nothing to do with what we get paid.

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