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Unfortunately, U.S. law forbids the employer from inquiring about the family status of the applicant, so you can't hire those "more stable heads of households." Certainly, that was the preferred hiring choice fifty years ago, but it's illegal now. In fact, according to some theorists, today's enlightened employer is supposed to instead rely on the intrinsic value of the task (curing cancer) to motivate the economically-stressed worker rather than tie income to work results. We live in a new world where the old mistakes are continually repeated.

Family dynamics have evolved faster than we have been willing or able to comprehend. Just a couple of days ago my sister and I were talking about how hard my dad worked when we were young. (For most of my childhood my dad had a professional job and my mom had the job of wrangling 4 kids and running the household.) We then realized that my dad was home from work, nearly every day, by no later than 6pm.

What will the kids of today be discussing 30 years from now, when they talk about a mom and dad who both worked and often did not get home until 7 or 8pm, or later?

A team at home can help a team at work....if we nurture it. Singleton's may actually be at an advantage in a workplace that values corporate dedication (for 2-4 years) above all else. Not sure how or if this will benefit anyone in the long run.

@Jim - So true you can't ask up front. Still, you can always have family friendly policies, on the off chance you accidentally luck into a stable married head of household or two. Always assuming you want them to stick around, that is.

@Dan - Wow, few working parents today can imagine coming home at 6PM to clean children, homework done and dinner on the table.

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