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The best practices usually exist at the margins where enterprises are diverging from the lemming-pack and forging new paths to success. By the time others realize what they did and catch up with them at point A, they will have moved elsewhere, to point B.

You can't lead from behind. Sticking to the most popular trend places you solidly in the middle. Might be safe but it certainly ain't progressive or an improvement on the status quo. Besides, unless your operation is a clone of every other enterprise, it won't be appropriate for your actual situational needs.

Surveys provide essential data on context, but they do NOT imply direction or compel imitation. If you use a compass when you travel, you don't always want to head magnetic North.

Good points, Jim. And this even assumes that the lemmings have made good choices for their organizations - which isn't always a safe bet. Surveys aren't typically able to tell us whether the most popular practice has delivered any value or benefits for the adopting organizations - much less whether it will work for our own.
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