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We would say that base pay is the price of admission, the price that allowed us to play in a particular ball park... While we got it right most of the time, occasionally a fly ball would go foul and we'd strike out and have to clean up a mess, usually a hiring manager mistake of paying more than the person was worth.

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Dillweed, I'm thinking that I would take your idea further because "price of admission" is a bit of a passive idea when it comes to employee behavior. Employees have to make active decisions to join your company and commit the extra attention that is involved with being engaged.

Think about all that your base pay means to you -- status in the company, your department and in some ways in your neighborhood. It also affects your self satisfaction and sense of self. I think those things (and more) are evidence that it's a pretty powerful active influencer of your behavior at work.


Absolutely and I agree with you.


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