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Spot on Derek as the British say. 2 comments:
1) Agree wholeheartedly that recognition programs will take the forefront in the future. IMHO the younger the workforce becomes, the more this will occur. Young people are much more into social responsibility than us older folks. A good form of recognition might be to let an employee or team have time off during workday to volunteer to help non-profit organization of their choice.
2) Being "into" global ---- again IMHO it is best to let local countries decide on their own recognition awards as preferences do differ by location/culture, etc.

Great article!

Agree 100% on technology integration being required. How do we expect to improve performance when we don't know what the current metrics are? Getting data on human capital would give some much needed insight on our current workforce, helping us build to a better future workforce.

Thanks for the comments, Jacque. Technology integration and global integration are very similar challenges in many ways. Those who get both right will put themselves in a far advanced strategic position over competitors who don't.

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