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Well written article to hopefully, remind all of us of the quote; "Wisdom is the reward for a lifetime of listening". To that end, the implication is that with that wisdom, we act on it in meaningful ways - much like this article's example.

I think this tied in to the compensation philosophy that you implement locally. This is where it would be nice to have a competent local HR who is able to advise/update you on local issues as well as trusted local consultants who are willing to work with you on the legal side as well as market practices to tie in to the relevance of such benefit.

Reality however... is way different.

Thank you Michael.

Juliana ---- you are so right! I've been fortunate in some companies to work with very talented compensation professionals. However, I have also worked in a few that didn't have any HR people outside the U.S. at all. It makes a big difference!

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