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Sorry that you were feeling poorly, Dan. I trust all is well now?

Hey Dan, nice to see you back in action! I'll be at GEO CA Forum next month and look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome back, Dan.

Thanks everyone. I am glad to back and active again. Need to keep swimming in this industry!

I'm curious why the need to keep swimming would be any more pronounced in this field rather than any other. Couldn't this post be written about nearly any modern profession?


Great question. The reason I specifically pointed this out for the compensation industry is based on the speed with which regulations, trends and executive management change. Many other industries are also constantly in motion. Other industries have people in motion and advancing, but the underlying field is more or less stationary.

When those around you, the surface beneath you and the obstacles in front of you are all moving at the same time, even just standing still can be dangerous.

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