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Good article Jim. There is a saying that you learn the most when you talk to someone that doesn't agree with you.

I like negative feedback, when it's not personal. Feel free to give feedback on work, performance and behavior while at work. Just keep the personal stuff at home.

"I need you to work more hours to complete X project. You are getting behind." is a good feedback.

"You need to tell your husband to take his turn at picking up your kids. We need you to work extra hours to hit our target" is a terrible idea.

I just wish HR educate managers on acceptable work communication. Sometimes, the things they say makes me cringe.

Managers usually presume that their titles prove that they are experts at employee communication and hence need pay no heed to the HR wonks. Communicating the need for more effective communications is very difficult until you have some negative examples that can't be ignored.

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