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Good one Jim. I would read, scratch my head, start over, then I skipped to the bottom.

Jim -

I am shocked you failed to mention the upcoming version of this great work for the iPad, iPhone and Android tablets. After all, we will all want to just make gestures at this work.

Good job!

Believe iCad, uPhone, Raspberry and Androx will be the preferred SmartFone applications, because they will pay more for the license to the talent treatise than the others. After all, that's what comp is all about, right?

This put a smile on my face this Monday morning, when it seems the world is on spring break but I'm buried under merit, stock and bonus files. Thanks!

Chapter 6 addresses the supreme value of smiles. Thank YOU, Scott, for the ultimate sign of appreciation in this difficult world.

OMG, Jim this is hilarious! I was actually pretty excited thinking you had written a new book until I read a little further and (finally) noticed the humorously absurd references. You've totally brought a smile to my day; thank you! (But please do think about writing another book soon!!!)

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