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Thanks for reminding everyone that current concepts have long histories, Jacque.

Evaluating results against expectations and communicating feedback is basic to all human learning. It probably started when Ug was checked out by Ook. Every culture rates the performance of its members. Since Loyola was a Basque knight until he discovered a new religious vocation while recovering from severe wounds, he probably learned about performance appraisal in his Spanish army service.

Performance management is a broad field in which appraisal is a small but vital component. Goal setting and personal development are other critical aspects with different but related dynamics. It's impossible to coach for future improvement without assessing and reviewing actual past results, because they are all part of the same process, different legs in the same race, etc. Merit pay reviews, however, are far more stressful and problematic than developmental reviews. Since they deal with different topics, goals and methods, I see them best separated in both time and process. Other may disagree, of course.

I agree with you on separating the "money" review from the development review. I have heard that years ago that was the way it was done in Europe.

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