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I'm stoked to see more detail. I understand some of your reservations, but I think the opportunites this will provide to benchmark (other than internal trend) and the dialogue it will create in vetting apporpriateness (and pitfalls) of the standards will be invaulable.


Yeah, so I take back my comments. I just read the current draft and don't like the direction they are going. Looks like little standardization, a lot of headache, and a lot of money for consulting firms.

The problem is not the metric, but the concept that may become a rule. Measurement alone is not the issue, but the application of the measurement is questionable. Not to mention the great distraction of time and expense required to collect, analyze and report the completely relative results. Since they are so bold as to measure "engagement", I'm surprised they didn't also set a "task, condition and standard" for creativity and imagination, too. Maybe those are still to come.

That said, it should provide excellent points of departure for those enterprises clever enough to diverge from the lemmings and find better untrod paths. Remember that the power to set universal standards is the first step towards homogenization and mediocrity.

May the great God in her wisdom see fit to save us from engineers.

I cannot see how good things will come of this. I can see how bad things will come of this. ugh

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