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Great post Derek,

The odd thing is that the "Bonus Entitlement Culture" is very unique to a couple of industries and regions. More interesting these industries and regions generally pay very well even when out take out the bonus.

Perhaps companies in these industries should just change the name of the bonus to "The Super Big Paycheck in Early Spring". It would be more honest and would stop the tarnishing of those companies who actually pay bonuses ONLY on merit and performance.

The fact remains that the best predictor of this year's bonus is last year's bonus.

Besides, isn't there some law against reducing bonus amounts? It is supposed to increase every year, of course. In addition, since the employee is entitled to the automatic payment, there should be some regulation requiring the compensation boffin to disgorge it upon demand, right? This must be sorted out. After all, it is the responsibility of the remuneration person to enrich the employee, is it not? Of course.

;-) Ha!

Dan, great suggestion, indeed. That's what it amounts to - both in how the companies present the bonus as part of the comp package and how employees expect it and build it into their lifestyle.

Jim - that's what really gets me. The link I give to the story on bankers threatening to sue for their bonus -- really?

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