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Ann - Interesting article, and, of course, very timely. Salary planning is a critical exercise, but the boundaries are changing. This should not be a financial exercise, in the sense that it needs to conform to a traditional annual (12 month)budget. Instead, it needs to directly support the organizational mission, and the talent required to achieve that mission. More leverage needs to be employed, tied to specific goals. The new workforce will require a very different work environment, with increased independence and greater flexibility, and will need frequent feedback on projects they believe in. While you've touched upon some alternatives, comp professionals need to get real creative around how to use those budged dollars most effectively, and how to get the greatest return on the investment. Translating salary investment into better company returns will not only free up more salary dollars, it will help align employee effort with company goals.


Good points, especially regarding the need to move this from a financial (spreadsheet) exercise to a discussion about moving the organizational mission forward. That represents a big process change and focus for many of us -- and probably a new development step!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and take on the topic!

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