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Hi Derek, I love to see stories like this. Unfortunately I only see one or two each year.

A great example: in June 2008 U.S. Dry Cleaning Corporation (OTCBB:UDRY) announced that the company’s CEO and founder, Robbie Lee, gifted 400,000 of his personal CEO stock options among more than 140 non-executive field employees of the company’s California operations.

There are similar examples each year, but they are so few and far between that they are often missed.

It's great to know that there are executives out there who will go beyond the surveys and market norms to ensure that employees know they are appreciated. I am sure if more companies did it, we would see happier employees and more successful companies.

I hope this is not a fad but something that is really catching on. More than the $ amount --- it sends a great message from the CEO that the employees are really the ones that "make it happen". Again -- it's not the money -- it's the recognition.

This is really a good act toward the employees. But their customer service and shipping must be the Worst among the computer companies. I am going through a nightmare just trying to get my laptop shipped on time.

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