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Interesting comments on partnership distribution approaches, Stephanie. In this context, I prefer the term "systems" to "structures", since "structure" implies a pattern of relationships (usually hierarchical) while "system" means a set of elements with components, structures, and relationships of interconnected behaviors.

Regardless, your 7 groups are excellent summaries of the most probable overtly disclosed profit distribution methods. The "black box" approach would seem to be no more than a HIDDEN approach where the principles, procedures, systems, structures and other details of the decision-making protocols are kept secret. Thus, it could be any of the above, a combination or none of them at all. It could even be a unique variant like "compensation by consanguinity" (distributions based on the degree of blood relationship, where mom and pop get the most, kids second, grandtads third, cousins next..., etc.).

"Black box" simply means, "something else and secret." It could encompass everything from seniority to dartboard, from pure subjectivity to a different but arbitrary metric; as long as it remains undisclosed, it remains undefined. What is unknown must remain unclassified or simply called "other."

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