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Not sure which "silence in deafening" you refer to.

A General Dynamics CEO ran an entire branding campaign for months years ago displaying full-page TWSJ business-card slogans, using the theme, "if you can't write your idea on the back of a business card, you don't have a clear idea." A certain founding CEO also used the duration of an elevator ride as the measure of the amount of time one generally has to pitch a sale. He also offers a one sentence MBA: "all business is the making and selling of a product or service at a profit." Successfully applying those points is essential for effective HR applications.

Wonder if this CEO is the one that came up with what is known as the "elevator pitch". HR uses the phrase all the time meaning ---- when you interview come up with a simple reason why you would be a good choice for the job ---in 30 seconds. The time it would be to take an elevator ride. Well known.

Naw... this founding CEO has a PhD. That simply means that he is extremely well educated in the best aphorisms by the smartest people. But he DID originate that last phrase.

Jacque - Sad but true. It just reinforces my belief that most HR folk do not know what their job is, and are intimidated when challenged. They look to executive management to define their role, when executive management hasn't got a clue what they are supposed to do. They unknowingly create an 'island fortress' mentality, which doesn't serve anybody.

Good stuff, Jacque. I hope that everyone who reads your post will take it to heart. I once worked for a CEO who felt that, if you couldn't put your recommendation onto a single sheet of paper, with plenty of white space, then it wasn't such a good idea after all. It wasn't worth his time to consider it.

Hi John --- thanks. I keep wondering when HR will change. They have heard the message over and over again ---- people like John Boudrea (sp??), Ed Lawler, Peter Cappella and John Sullivan say if HR doesn't wake up and change they will be outsourced. And HR becomes upset when they get rolled under the CFO.

Chuck --- I agree with your CEO. Simpler is harder, but it makes you focus on what the essential message needs to be.

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