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I can't argue with that. This reminds me of something Dan Walter blogged on here once: "This means that even though there are great ways to do almost everything, there are very few absolute ways to do anything." (It resonated so strongly I wrote it down.) To me, it's what makes the work fun... though sometimes frustrating.


Great post. The difference between following a set of instructions and using a set of instructions to help guide your intelligent decisions is enormous.

It is the difference between every average meal and every great meal. It is the different between a painting and art. Most importantly it is the difference between being right and being effective.

Too often, especially at smaller companies, compensation professionals feel like they are on an island. Given the lean staffing that compensation is currently experiencing, every compensation professional should build a peer group of in-house professionals in similar circumstances and a second group of external experts who can provide guidance and thought leadership when needed.

One without the other is unlikely to work for long.

and....Thanks Joe. Glad to know that anything I have written has been helpful.

Amen Chuck! Compensation 101 is only the foundation. Common sense is what you use to implement.


Excellent advice. The technical stuff is very important but the appropriate application of it can be quite different. The art of compensation requires a mixing of both perspectives.

Great article Chuck...compensation is truly an art requiring years of real business experience.

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