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Thanks for the article Margaret.

You are right, it is time to give buff up the image of equity compensation in the eyes of the participants. In the 1990's when Equity rocketed into the compensation consciousness it's charisma and status were made clear by the Golden Decade of the stock market. In the past 10-12 years many companies have assumed that historic glow would last forever.

It Won't.

Your suggestions are excellent for this time of the year. It is long past time that companies give their equity compensation programs a a new hairdo and a bit of Botox.

Thanks Dan. As the Web's equity expert, I'm really glad to hear I've hit the right note. Equity plays such a large, emotional part in the "deal" that so many employees have with their company. If we are serious about engagement, it really is time to update our understanding of what employees are really feeling about equity. Then initiate better, more real conversations. (Or, schedule some salon time as you suggest!)

This is a smart blog. I mean it.

Wow! Thanks.

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