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Another good article - thanks. I have long held the view that pay is a far stronger de-motivator than it is a behavioural motivator. So it is, if the pay is perceived to lack internal equity (more so than market equity) then dis-engagement, resentment and cynicism will build quickly and must be addressed. That said, the converse to this is when pay is 'about right' and perceived as being broadly fair, more pay will not drive engagement, or performance; rather it will be the factors of communication, brand pride, job interest, learning, leadership, belief in goals and the broader HR and leadership levers that will make the difference. I like Tom Peter's quote of a few decades ago "the hard stuff is easy...it's the soft stuff that's hard". Pay is rarely a miracle cure and yet as pay practitioners, it is expected to be the medicine we prescribe.

Thanks for the feedback and the good summation, David. Many people, including many writers here, have observed that cash is your most expensive reinforcement mechanism. One of my favorite sayings is that not all rewards jingle... but only money puts food on the table.

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