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Sales comp is frequently a furball of confusion, knee-jerk instinctive whims imposed by powerful executives, and blind theoretical guesses, not to mention the typical improper/incomplete planning, poor implementation and lousy process involved.

The new sales incentive plan at an unnamed WellknowGiantSalesCorp based on the sales plans submitted by local sales managers almost led to heart attacks by the CFO and the Chief Manufacturing Officer when the new plan was rolled out at the global sales meeting. It was instantly unanimously rejected by the sales executives screaming, "you can't base our contingent pay on those sales projections!" Turns out they had been making up the numbers for years and no one had ever held them accountable for their imaginative guesses. Previously, all they had to do was submit a number to keep their jobs and get their pay, so they did, without worrying about its accuracy. What a thrill sales comp is!

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