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when I read that everyone agreed I though were going to go down the rabbit hole of the uninteresting, unmotivating job where there everyone agrees and no one innovates.

Good piece.

One of my favorite "be careful what you wish for" stories is about a company that created an incentive program. The plan would pay out only if their stock price doubled and remained above that level for at least 60 days. Models showed it would talk 4-5 years for the price to double.

Then their entire market took off over the next 6 months. Everything was earned, but that had not yet put anything int systems, created call centers, figured out the tax consequences etc... Fun stuff. By the time thy paid everything out, I think the stock price had dropped about 25%.

Funny story Dan --- hope you were not involved in any way!

Interesting that they designed an "incentive" plan they didn't figure would pay out for 4-5 years. Why did they even bother? Some incentive.

There are long-term incentives, retention incentives and short-term incentives, not to mention hybrids of every flavor beyond chocolate and vanilla. Frequently, shareholders lobby compensation committees for triggers based on long-range forecasts (inaccurate as those may turn out to be) most profitable for shareholders versus short-term targets with questionable stock-price value impacts. Things change. Crystal balls don't work well. Murphy arrives. It's a constant battle of guess, aim, fire, score, adjust and repeat. Sometimes the results get better, sometimes worse.

Yeah --- God love Murphy's law.

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