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This is one of your best articles Ann. Great perspective. Excellent work at applying a general concept directly back into the comp world. Most importantly, a great reminder that evidence is not simply data from outside sources. The best evidence is the information you collect as you pay attention to what you are doing (and have done).

Great article made me feel the power of observation,talking with people who really owns the subject we are talking about.Evidences are out of offices and mostly comes with a mixture of facts,emotions and perceptions.I think we can succeed as we are capable of filtering each of them before jumping on conclusions.Let's learn from birds more.


Thanks! And your point is an important one - remembering that evidence (maybe some of the best) is gleaned by paying attention to the outcomes and lessons of your own work.


Yes - let us learn more from birds! Thanks!

Great post, Ann. I think it is important to pay much more methodical attention to what's in front of us, observing, analyzing, and developing from the new learning. I also think it's a both/and with academia. I think there are great studies with great information for Total Rewards practitioners out there. I do agree, however, that they may be somewhat inaccessible. This is a good reminder for 'both sides': that is, academicians be sure to identify practical implications of the study so that they are useful results, and practitioners be rigorous and disciplined in how data is being observed and analyzed to have credible data for better informed decisions.

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