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This is fantastic, Ann. And one I'd tack on to No.6 is: remember Finance has to consider all of the tax burden. So we may project $8,000,000 in bonuses off of calculations from base salary & bonus opportunity. They hear this number and think this is all-in. Wrong! So knowing the burden rate the organization uses (by country, province, etc.) so you can give a full forecast is greatly appreciated by our Finance friends, or be completely transparent as to what is included and what is excluded. Finance can be wonderful business partners and Compensation advocates.

I apologize - I should have addressed my note to Dan.


Thanks for the great addition! You are so right. It can even go farther than that. I once did a project with a company where the HR dept. held an account of more than $1M to deal with an annual tax/fx issue. Finance had no insight to this money and no one was managing it. Correcting this one issue freed up enough money to pay for several other enhancements to compensation processes.

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