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It's great to work with Corporate when they treat international HR as subject matter experts for the local HR practices.

But as it happens, one day the position was taken by a close minded ex-consultant that thought he knew better then anyone else. After that, every reward program proposed gets 'buried' and sometimes the country manager has to complain to the Head of HR in corporate to get them to cooperate.

Not surprising, 5 years down the road, the organization is floundering. HR needs to innovate and learn about what is the best for their organization. Not relay on only what they know. Asking questions is great way to start.

Agree Jules.

We may wonder why so many U.S. companies have this mindset that only "we" know what is best. I think a lot of it comes with American history --- how/why we sailed away from Europe and started America. A lot goes along with that. Rugged independence/individualism.

The term "American exceptionalism" is still alive. That belief is extremely engrained in all of us and affects how we view the world.

I think it is, in large part, why we struggle more with how to accept "best practices" from other countries. American exceptionalism mindset exists on a national government basis, company basis and even on a compensation/benefits function basis!

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