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Thanks for the mention Margaret.

I was a nerdy kid who read a lot of SciFi and Fantasy books. I like your idea of being a hero, but think it might be more of a quest that some would expect.

If people haven't already started down the path of data collection and analysis this might be a good time to START the process. The can use what they are learning right now to put together plan for how to get buy-in to fix issues next year.

Be thorough. The quest is never as it seems at the beginning. There are more surprises than you can predict. You may lose a few compatriots along the way and will likely pick up a few people critical to your missions success.

In the end the results will be unassailable and may even change the (your) world.

Exactly what I was getting at, Dan. This type of data collection is/should be ongoing (or in the world of heroes, neverending). It's the only way to be thoughtful about our work -- thinking about what's happening now so you can make better decisions for next year.

Thing is, the data collection never gets started. Especially when it comes to incentives. I'm suggesting you get things started. As you said, the intrepid compensator who takes this on will not get unanimous support, but that's the best sign that you are doing something important. (That's where the hero part comes in!)

While data collection is critical to understanding program effectiveness, I take issue with using bonus deposits as leverage for feedback from the recipients. You may think it a small issue, but that kind of carrot and stick approach to collecting data may compromise the data collected. Moreover, holding (or 'threatening' to hold) something already earned is unsettling to me; it feels like coercion, and seems to undermine the credibility of the program.

If you are having difficulty getting voluntary feedback on incentive programs from managers and/or employees, the real 'hero' will seek to understand why, and not put additional, ad hoc conditions on receiving it's benefits.

Hi John. You're right, I got carried away! No need to withhold anything ever. I just was trying to send the message that this could be done in spite of any push back.

Thanks for setting me straight.

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