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Jim - Interesting post. I had to read it a few times to understand that you were referring to an entire organization, rather than a component of it or an individual employee.

My observation is that knowing where you want to be requires some serious strategic thinking and the establishment of (dare I say it?) a compensation philosophy. Even then it may be an elusive goal, since industries are beginning to radically adjust their pay structures to meet the business demands of the new millennium.

Life for the Comp professional is likely to get much more difficult in the future, but much more important too.

John - Although it applies either way (to org or to individual), the organizational application is probably more relevant to the typical reader here. The point remains the same: how fast you are changing speed is less pertinent than how far you have to go and your rate of closure. Let's hope that appropriate increases in the value placed on comp professionals does indeed follow the increased difficulty we continually face!

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