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LOL! Once you make an impression on your boss --- it will be hard to change it!

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. But there somehow seems to be infinite opportunities to confirm a bad one... or to encounter a bad boss. Best thing about bad bosses is the value of the lessons learned while surviving under them.

Laughing to avoid crying here...truly Dilbert fodder!


There are a lot of bosses out there that does that. They expect you to 'know' what to do. I've worked with some like that. Maybe for some, but the best way to build your team is to give a goal and coach them when necessary. You can expect performance when you give a transparent expecatation. Which is why I wonder why people are so excited about the latest HRIS software when they should work on the methodology before getting the software. The tools doesn't make the process. Just sayin'.

Yes, Jules, there is a constant battle between those who emphasize process over product or style over substance. Best to keep both mutually supportive.

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