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Good perspective!
I believe it’s well known by executives that the market changes and shifts, therefore actions must be taken.
Sometimes a different marketing campaign, a more aggressive sales approach or a way to show differentiation from the fierce competition.

It is curious how they recognize it, but most do not accept that the same applies to the labor market - salaries, incentives and benefits, perhaps not at the same pace or impact, but it happens.

A great challenge is how to strike the balance like everything in life, market is UP: review and perhaps UP pay; market is DOWN: now what?

Unions, sometimes overly-protected labor laws and so on will surely give you a bit of headache.

Ann - As usual, a well articulated post on a critical competency. Change is indeed the only constant!

A holistic view of an organizational vision, mission and strategy recognizes that the philosophies which drive the business are tightly connected, and adjusting one will likely impact the others.

Compensation professionals have a unique ability to be on the bleeding edges of the future. The 'Agility Factor' is an organizational muscle that, when exercised regularly, will act as a significant competitive advantage.

If it doesn't change regularly, it's dead. Any living philosophy must accommodate continual evolution and periods of irregular change.


Very true that our workforces and our reward structures (particularly base salaries) are not as malleable or as easily adjusted as a marketing campaign or budget, but as you note, it is still important for us (for the sake of the longer term success of organizations) to step up to the challenge.


Well said - it is indeed an opportunity for compensation professionals to step up and show that they can contribute to establishing competitive advantage. Let's see if we are collectively up to the moment!


True that. Not only must our philosophies be reviewed regularly, they must have the routine of evolution and change built right in!

Thanks all for the great comments and observations!

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