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Same goes for merit budget figures and CFO's!

Before emails, I had an alphabetical file I named, "No, THIS is what I said," in which I documented every estimate and suggestion and discussion and deal negotiated with internal customers (usually much higher-ranking executives). And I always told them I was making a record of our mutual understanding which could only be altered by a subsequently updated mutually agreed upon record. Perhaps it was a carryover of my days in labor relations.

These days I would simply document the understanding in an email with appropriate qualifiers and caveats, etc. If and when the other party unilaterally decided to "modify" our deal, I would ask if they REALLY wanted me to share our past discussion string with their senior chain of command. Didn't take long to get them educated on proper process...

They could always overrule me, but I wouldn't let them frame me.

Great, implementable advice. Thanks for sharing a critical 'tool of the trade!'

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