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Stephanie - Co-Creative Analytics has real applications across all functional elements. In fact, I believe it's the fundamental building block of the organizational model that will replace the hierarchical triangle common in business today.

In the 'new world' of the 21st Century, the workforce will be organized around project teams with the necessary skill sets required by the project they are engaged in. As that project progresses the team leader role may rotate to another member within the group depending upon those skills needed to complete a particular phase of the project. As projects are completed each project team will collaboratively evaluate each members relative contribution, and make judgements about salary actions/bonuses, etc.

This configuration repeats itself as new projects get proposed, each one requiring a different mix of skills and abilities.

The model I'm describing has huge implications for the role HR and Comp professionals play. Base salary will probably become standardized, and variable pay will play a much more significant role in the reward and recognition system. It won't be uncommon for employees to receive multiple comp actions throughout the year, along with multiple 'performance reviews'.

Compensation pros will be responsible for designing this system, using a variety of variables unique to the business they support. I foresee less reliance on survey data benchmarking, and much more utilization of the relative contribution each project makes to the success of the business.

The future is very exciting; I just hope I'm around long enough to see some of it materialize.

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