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This is a helpful article Stephanie. The chart above is intended to be used along with PayScale's guide to creating compensation plans. That eBook describes the considerations to get employees within the appropriate pay ranges. I'd recommend using this chart and other worksheets in that same toolkit in conjunction with the eBook that is available here: http://resources.payscale.com/Bring-Back-the-Sizzle-Ebook-thank-you.html

Concerns about gender-based pay inequities are rising and it's important for companies to understand not only how to pay fairly, but also how to justify pay differences based on differing compensable factors such as experience, education, certifications, skills, etc. Just yesterday, we released a revised version of a much more detailed guide to addressing pay inequities that you can find here: http://resources.payscale.com/hr-internal-pay-inequities-guide.html. Also, on May 30th, PayScale is releasing new research on gender inequities you may want to watch for.
-Laleh Hassibi, PayScale

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