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On the other hand, there is little outsourcing of lawyers specializing in international law. The other side of globalization is the number of lawyers in the U.S. is growing to oversee/make recommendations to global companies. Sort of like Mercer in the U.S. works with their local in-country consultants to get compensation/other information for a U.S. global company.

When the Great Recession began, lawyer starting pay chilled, froze and eventually regressed. West Coast legal recruiters have reported dusting off the entry rates used in the prior decade. Look around and you may notice LOTS of law firms today following the pay ranges of a year long ago.

Maybe attorneys are cultivating an alternative greenfield that used to belong to "us." The increasing levels of due diligence required for executive compensation recommendations have led some to claim that you dare not enter that arena now without an LLB or JD after your name. I haven't noticed any slowdown in complicated government regulations written by lawyers that must be interpreted by lawyers, either, even if the topics deal with compensation practices and health benefits that USED to be "our" subjects.

Just read today's TWSJ article ("Legal Secretary, A Dying Job") about law firm support staff struggling to find work. Over half the non-attorneys laid off at Weil Gotshal were legal secretaries. It has more details about this and other recent cases.

Thanks, Jim, for keeping us in the know. This is bad news for a lot of very talented people.

Are we to pity those that practice a profession that provides nothing other than an economic drain on society? The US has approximately an order of magnitude more attorneys per capita than Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Australia, and what do we have to show for it: more regs, more litigation, higher insurance costs, higher crime rates, ... and more lobbyists. Keep up the good work folks!!

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