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I like this. A lot of articles are like this. I think the way to change that is to keep the "teaser" title and then make sure your "5 points" are actually meaningful.

Use the format that catches people's attention but gives them some meat. What's the saying: "You have to start where people are and build from that".

Some people will drop out --- but you may have enticed people to read what you have to say. No guarantee they will keep reading --- but then you can't "make" anyone do something.

I agree though Chuck ---- we need to have meat -- even if we have to cut it down in smaller bite-sized pieces.

Marketing folks love numbered lists because they are teasers that imply concise compact panaceas with a finite limit. Who can start a piece promising 6 solutions without proceeding beyond #5 and sticking with it to the end? But not many will tackle a treatise promising 1,384 ways to skin a cat! Tires your brain just to see the number.

Chuck - There are so many of these 'teaser titles', everywhere you look, that I simply don't read 'em. Any post that leads with a number gets a pass from me because the - pick a number - steps/things/actions offered to solve the problem du-jour end up being mostly somebody's opinion, with little substance to support it. The article at hand is an exception, obviously, only because the blog that produces it (Compensation Cafe') is one I respect and read regularly.

Offering easy fixes to complex issues moves the needle of my 'BS' meter into the red zone. Others may see it differently, but for this blogaholic the attention it gets is to ignore and move on.

Hi John --- don't automatically skip articles that start with "teaser titles". Like I said above sometimes we have to get people's attention before we make a point.

I don't necessarily like the "five ways to . . ." titles either --- but have used them with some (hopefully) meat in the content. I have gotten some good comments on them too.

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