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I agree with you that in today's life where employees and customers are connected by the Internet and social networks,technology is a key ingredient to attract and engage people who are used to personal laptops, the Internet, social networks, mobile phones, and online consumerism.Technology has created drastic change in our life.

Laura - I think you nailed the transformation taking place in business today in the third paragraph/last sentence of your post: "(people are) empowered in their consumer lives and expect an intuitive, personal experience at work, too".

This is a very powerful observation, and describes the bar being set for leading organizations. Social media and related technology advances are making interactions between consumers and vendors much more personalized, providing more choice and ease surrounding any resulting transaction. Our devices are getting 'smarter' (i.e smartphone, smart tv, smart DVD players), utilizing voice recognition software and 'learning' capabilities allowing a high degree of individual customization. These evolving technologies are becoming available at rates much faster than ever; Moore's Law has probably gone from 18 months down to less than one year, with broader and more sophisticated applications.

Business' must be able to interpret this phenomenon and apply it to their workforces. Employees are, after all , consumers, so in many respects what's good for the goose is even better for the gander! Employers who are attempting to deny or control the use of social media in the workplace need to get over it; it's here to stay, and the ways you've articulated some of the applications of technology on the workforce is an excellent beginning template for organizational transformation.

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