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Good reminder, Dan. Moods are contagious. It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown, and the easier task creates a much more pleasant atmosphere.

I completely agree. I work in engagement and recognition is my passion. When I give presentations I often hear comments about how enthusiastic and passionate I am about the subject and how contagious it is when I do a presentation! Best recognition I could ever get and hopefully inspires others to take my "lessons" to heart.

Good Advice, I think when taking to groups I sometimes slip into "professor" mode, delivering the information dry because I think subconsciously it makes me feel more intelligent -foolish I know, but at least I'm somewhat self-aware =). But if I do think back to my college days, those professors that were intelligent AND passionate about what they taught, are definitely the ones I liked best, and probably the ones I learned the most from. I'll have to watch myself on this, thanks.

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