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Interesting article.

Out of curiosity, in what way is this comp & ben lesson "surprising"?

Maybe because it comes from a relatively tiny low-profit low-wage local employer of minimally skilled entry-level workers who tend to have a high voluntary turnover rate. But I'm just guessing...

Note that the Washington State minimum wage is $9.19 an hour, currently the highest in the nation. So the $10 starting rate is not as dramatic here as it would be if compared to the US Federal $7.50 minimum wage.

Clearly a thoughtful, strategically managed company with a compelling value system. It would be very interesting to know what kind of return they've been getting on those benefit investments; turnover rate, average tenure, margins, and so forth. Equally interesting would be to know the employee participation percentages in each of the benefit features.

This is much more than benevolence; it's smart business ahead of its time.

Insofar as the iPad comment from the Bulgarian girls, simply dropping it 40 feet to see if it would survive is a test everybody should pass; well, everybody but the cousin . . .

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