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Skeptical about the ease of robots replacing humans. Maybe for rote repetitive tasks that monkeys could do, but those are already automated. Never saw a robot make a joke or create something new. The Turing test has never been passed by a machine so far. The barrier is more than thinking or learning but involves intuition and imagination. THAT's how we should apply our brains.

Laura - Excellent post! With deference to Jim, robotic employee replacements have already arrived; just look at any large scale manufacturing organization. The fast food industry is currently testing robots designed to replace line staff, which have been a constant source of pain for franchisors.

I believe the trends you've outlined are exactly right. Some of the implications resulting from this movement are already becoming clear, at least to me; others, not so much.

We are at the crest of an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. Buckle up!

How can a company compensate and remunerate its employee secretly that other employees don’t get to know? Please advise.


Great post. I think I’m watching the same science shows, so interesting. There are so many potential socio-economic issues society is going to be faced with over the next few decades. I have a feeling the response to these changes may be slow as people fail to realize the water is beginning to get hotter on its way to a boil. People need to stop blindly following “best practice” and think about what their future strategy is holistically.

Rewards professionals have to get better at building the business case for more tailored reward programs to drive higher results and make sure they support the overall workforce strategy.

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